Do you own your business or does it own you?

It’s been over a week since my last blog but I have an excuse – a good one, I promise. 

As a small business owner, I know one of my lowest moments in business was the realization that I no longer owned my business. It had taken over my life and I was stuck in a rut trying to make ends meet financially. It owned me; what once was exciting, full of passion, and motivating was now sucking every ounce of energy out of me. But out of chaos comes order, right? Hitting a low allowed forced me to readjust my business model and scale my service business. I’m thankful for the experience but can honestly say, I hope I never have to bear it again. 

That’s why, starting September 4th (just after Labor Day weekend when you can settle back into a routine), we’re launching the Mark’d 21 Day Challenge for entrepreneurs and small business owners who no longer feel in control of their business. Members of the Mark’d facebook page have already gotten a sneak peak of the challenge.

Mark'd Personal Branding Studio 21 Day Challenge

Because it takes 21 days to create a new habit, we’ve outlined 21 tips and action steps that will guide you to regaining full control of your business and generating more revenue. Through the 21 day challenge, I’ll show how to:

  • Monetize your personal brand.
  • Regain ownership of your time and money.
  • Attract only ideal clients.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How does the 21 day challenge work?

Sign-up to participate for free by joining the challenge mailing list. We’ll send you a tip and action step each morning starting on September 4th. Those on the mailing list receive all the tips/action steps at the end of 21 days in totality via E-book.

To make these changes in my business and follow along with the action steps, will I need to invest a lot of money? Can I implement the steps right away?

The majority of the steps involve little or no investment on your end to make the necessary adjustments. However, if I’ve learned anything along the way it’s that you have to spend money to make money and know exactly when to put that rule into effect and when not to. We’ll touch on this in the challenge. Each action step is something that can be implemented right away or in the near future of your business.

Will this be worth my time?

Duh <– No, really, duh. I am all about personal and professional development but my biggest pet peeve is receiving too much fluff and not enough solid, concrete resources and action steps to really develop and flourish. Therefore, be aware that this challenge is exactly that – a challenge.  We have a few “warm fuzzies” along the way but you’ll receive the action steps and resources needed to really make a change, blended with a little tough love.

What happens when the challenge is over?

Champagne is popped, confetti falls from the sky, and your bank account is overflowing with more money than you can keep up with. Well, maybe not immediately after the challenge but I do guarantee you will have the resources to begin on a new, more revenue-generating path in your business. Another valuable lesson in business – persistency and patience is key. We feel confident that you will have created a new habit and mentality after the 21 days, but if you still feel stuck, we’ve got a valuable 12 Step Program (more details later) to save you from your business rut.

Anything else included with the challenge besides action steps and tips?

Of course – feedback from me and your peers. Utilize our Mark’d blog to interact with me and others taking the challenge. I’ll be there right along the way to answer any questions and keep you motivated. As a challenge participant, you’ll receive all the steps via the mailing list in the morning. We’ll then post them to the blog after you receive them where this  discussion will incur.

Do I really have to wait until September 4th?

Yes. However, your first step is to join the mailing list right now. (Hint, hint –> there may be additional perks and insights prior to the challenge start day.)

We want to highlight your business – special perks for active participants:

There are three ways to actively participate:

    • Engage with others in the discussion section for each action step on the blog
    • Tweet regularly about the 21 day challenge with hashtag #OwnYourBiz or tag me (@MsShaunaMack)

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    • Blog about your challenge experience and spread the word to help others regain control of their business

We’ll be following up to interview our most active participants for a special highlight of their business on our blog and in our newsletter. We want to highlight what you’re passionate about and help drive more traffic to you, your blog, and your website.