21 Day Challenge – Day 6: Make it easy to connect

In a world that is so fast-paced, overflowing with information, and throwing bright shiny objects at us at every second of every day, it’s getting incredibly more difficult to stand out or to capture our audience’s attention.

However, keeping it simple, consistent, and easy for a lazy world of consumers (yes – we’re lazy) is key. The next few challenges will focus on doing exactly just that.

[tweetable]Today I challenge you to make it easy to connect.[/tweetable]

[tweetable]I see far too many entrepreneurs making it way too difficult for their audience to engage with them.[/tweetable]  Want us to like your Facebook fanpage? Simply telling us to do so won’t do you any good. Not because we don’t care, but because we’re lazy (there’s that word again). [tweetable]If you want your audience to engage, you have to make it so incredibly obvious to do so[/tweetable]  … like linking up “facebook fanpage” to your facebook fanpage :) Beyond that, run through this checklist to make sure you’re keeping is simple:

  • Eliminate that form from your website contact page OR keep it but add your actual contact info next to it to cover both preferences. People HATE forms. Why? They’re a pain to fill out, especially if you set a bunch of mandatory fields, and people are wary of them. If your organization is personally branded, including a contact form on your website does you a disservice. A personal brand should have an email address AND a phone number listed clearly on their website. Make it easy and build trust along the way.
  • Are you social media icons clearly displayed on the homepage of your website? On the sidebar of your blog? On your contact page? On your footer? Perhaps on your business card if your brand suits it?
  • In addition, are all of your social media profiles crossed linked to all of your other social media profiles? They should all work for each other, not independently.
  • Speaking of that, are your social media profiles updated and filled out to represent your latest contact info? Don’t forget about Google+.
  • Add your social media icons to your email signature. What’s easier than that?
  • Don’t try to be posh and fancy by only putting your website and logo on your business card. Yes, it’s keeping it simple, but no, it’s not easy. I know, because early on in my career, my “posh” and subtle business cards annoyed more than they engaged people. Include your phone number and email at the least.
  • Can people find you? This may be more relevant to certain business than others but you should submit yourself to as many business directories and online map services as possible. Think google places, foursquare, yelp, merchantcircle, yahoo maps, etc.
Hop to it! Connect!


21 Day Challenge - Make it easy to connect