21 Day Challenge – Day 9: Empower your audience

Yesterday we talked about the power of collecting email addresses. Once you have them, it’s up to you to set up a powerful email campaign. That’s a whole 21 day challenge in and of itself. Google “Successful email campaign” and you’ll find a slew of articles. But what’s next?

There’s no doubt that you have to be producing quality content. But when reviewing the content strategy for our clients, the biggest problem we see is quantity. They are not pushing content nearly as much as they should be. Why?  Lack of time in developing it (stay posted for a challenge regarding this) and fear of annoying their audience.

I challenge you to empower your audience.

There is so much media and marketing thrown our way that it is impossible to absorb it all.  So if anything, you have to push more content than you may feel comfortable with for the sake of getting attention (remember quality is still key < — I can’t emphasize that enough).  Whenever we opt into a mailing list, like a fan page, or follow someone on Twitter, we know that we are signing up to receive content. That’s what we expect. And if all we hear are crickets chirping, instead of brand content like we expect, it’s going to set a negative perception of the brand in our minds. You’re better off not promoting a means to connect if you aren’t actually going to connect.

[tweetable]To empower your audience means to empower them with control on how little or how much they receive from you.[/tweetable] Sure, we all like to see our numbers increase, and cringe when people drop off, but carefully tip-toeing around your content because you don’t want to scare anyone off is just an inefficient mentality.  You’re letting your business control you in this situation. A large audience is worthless if you don’t market to them and don’t market to them enough.

[tweetable]Stop scrutinizing over your numbers.[/tweetable] Not only is it a distraction, but it may hinder you from moving forward.

Assuming you’re pushing quality content, so what if 1 – 2 people of your 1000+ list drop off? That means 998 people didn’t and are empowered to stay put. Those people who dropped off aren’t your ideal clients anyway. And for every 1 -2 that drop off, you’ll acquire 3 -4 more — If and only if you start boosting the quantity of your marketing messages along with the quality.

You have to get over the feeling that you may annoy your audience. Of course there’s always a balance, but if I had to guess, you’re on the low end of the spectrum. Worried about time? There’s always a way to create a system and an efficient process that will streamline your efforts. Knowing that creating this process has potential to double or even triple your revenue should be the motivation you need.


21 Day Challenge - Empower your audience