21 Day Challenge – Day 10: Maximize your efforts

Weekly Recap: 

Day 5: Identifying and capitalizing on your strengths.
Day 6: Make it easy for your audience to connect with you. 
Day 7: Make an effort to collect your praise regularly. 
Day 8: Build your email list and enhance your reach.
Day 9: Stop scrutinizing over numbers and empower your audience.


There are several ways to establish credibility in the minds of your stakeholders. Traditionally you’ve got certifications, formal degrees, writing a book, appearances in the media, etc. In today’s world with the power of the internet, a blog, and social media, anyone can become and showcase themselves as an expert. Whether it’s credible content is left up to the audience. Whether you have traditional credentials or not, it’s still important for you and your business to be pushing some sort of quality content out to your audience on a consistent basis. It will secure the credibility that’s already there and if done right, can establish you as an expert if traditional credentials are lacking.

Writing content is important if not crucial to your biz. But …. it’s not always easy. The biggest problem? It eats up so much time. Which is why …

I challenge you to maximize your content.

Just as we are trying to streamline the rest of your efforts, pushing content should be the same. You don’t have to write a new a blog post every day to have an effect. Typically, we fail to fully utilize the content of one blog post. From this point forward, stretch each piece of content you write – articles, blog posts, tip sheets, images – as far as it will possibly go.

I’ve often heard entrepreneurs say they are disappointed their content didn’t generate as much engagement as they hoped, for the amount of time they put into it. When asked how they maximized it, they say, “Well I posted it to my blog, tweeted it once and linked it to my fan page.” < — That’s the problem.

Below are a couple suggested strategies to maximize content.

On a small scale – blog posts:

  • Create and publish a blog post.
  • Using your own share buttons (which you should have displayed clearly on your blog), share the post with all of your social profiles – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, etc. If there’s a graphic, share it on Pinterest.
  • Don’t tweet your blog post once. Don’t tweet it twice. Tweet it 3 times a day, at variable times, for the next few days. You won’t bug people. Most won’t even realize you’ve posted it multiple times. Remember that part about empowering your audience? 
  • In addition to the blog link itself, you’ve got an entire article to pull social media snippets from. Throughout the week, tweet and post status updates on your fan page of some of the most powerful soundbites from your blog. Scheduling features for facebook and Twitter can save you time. Set it and forget it.
  • In your future email campaigns, highlight your most recent content by linking your blog posts to a small blurb and photo within the newsletter.
  • In the signature line of your email, post a prompt link to your latest blog post.
  • Can the blog post be broken down into additional posts? If a post becomes too length, try splitting it into two days. Voila – repeat the process for each post.
Let’s say you just gave a lunch and learn presentation to a small group on your area of expertise. Instead of waiting for the next opportunity to use that presentation, maximize the content now to drive traffic to your business:
  • Take the talking points and turn those into blog posts. Repeat process above.
  • There are tons of soundbites within presentations that you can use for social media status updates. If you’re having a hard time coming up with things to post, try going through your old presentations. You’ll find tons of content sitting idle.
  • Turn your presentation into a prezi and post it online.
  • Create a short movie out of it with voiceover to post on youtube or vimeo.
  • Create a Scribd account and post your power point presentation. You can set level of protection high or low.
  • Change individual power point slides into image files and post them to social media profiles – including Pinterest.
  • Long term opportunity: consider turning your presentation into an e-book or webinar. The content and talking points are already there; you just need to promote it.
Beyond that, content that you write for presentations or blog posts can be used in your marketing materials. One example is to create “Top Ten” tip sheets based on content you’ve already drafted and give those away to potential clients or print the tips in your brochures.


Assess all the ways you can distribute and maximize content within your business before casting it aside and creating something new. Remember that you can’t wait around for other people to notice you; you have to take initiative to self-promote yourself. Maximizing your efforts will save you a lot of time, build credibility, and make you money.


- Shauna


21 Day Challenge - Maximize your efforts