21 Day Challenge – Day 13: Get personal with your audience

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve talked about revamping your website, posting content, reworking your bio and pulling all those elements together for a cohesive personal brand. There’s one thing you need to keep in mind amidst all of this work: authenticity.

I challenge you to get personal.

Why is it important to get personal? Because it makes it easier to sell and attracts your ideal clientele – the ones who will promote your value and pay their invoices.

I’ll keep today short and to the point: All of your content, marketing materials, website, etc. should look and feel like you. The best compliment you can get is hearing someone say, “This is SO you!” That means you’re on the right track.  Of course, you have to keep your audience in mind and appeal to them but think about it … your ideal clientele will be the ones who are attracted to the personal touch and aesthetics you give your entrepreneurial brand. Ideally, there shouldn’t be a contrast between the two. If you adhere strictly to what you think your audience wants to see, you’ll continually fight an uphill battle and it will be harder to sell your services.

Add that personal touch through the tips we’ve already shared: through your story, posting behind-the-scenes photos on your social networks, and letting people see what you do for fun. The best blog posts and status updates are often the ones you write freely, before any overediting, overthinking, or stripping down. Let loose and be flexible. That’s what entrepreneurship is all about – the advantage of having the flexibility to be you and having people pay you for it. Pretty wonderful, eh?

Of course, getting personal does come with a caveat: It has to be just the right amount of personal. A gentle reminder to avoid negativity, complaining outwardly about your business or clients (oh, it happens), or posting drama-filled status updates about your recent divorce or family issues.  Also know there is such a thing as too much positivity … to the point where it becomes disingenuous.

Do you have any examples of “getting personal” taken to an extreme?


Get personal - Mark'd 21 Day Challenge