21 Day Challenge – Day 14: Have something to say

Getting personal will help attract your audience, but having something to say will keep their attention.

I challenge you to find your voice.

What do you have to say? Beyond your story, what do you stand for? What do you believe? Among your competitors, what thoughts make you unique?

I know that in the past I have personally battled with wanting to appeal to everyone. But it’s simply not realistic. The most successful entrepreneurs have a voice and aren’t afraid to use it. For every hundred people who disagree with their views, they have two hundred fighting for them. They don’t wallow in the naysayers or second-guess their work because someone didn’t care for it. They remain confident in themselves, faithful in their abilities and know the impact their voice has on their ideal audience. They know that living in the neutral doesn’t attract naysayers but they also know it doesn’t attract ideal clientele either.

The best person you can cross paths with is the one who disagrees with you. Why? Because they challenge you. They push you to define your position and influence you one way or another. They hit you with all the angles you need to form a rock solid opinion. They force you to have a voice. And sometimes, having that run-in with someone who disagrees with you is exactly what it takes for you to find your voice.

Now, I’m not suggesting you seek out angry opposers, but know that eventually you may face diversity and look forward to approaching it with an open mind.

In the meantime, I would suggest spending some time writing down 3 – 5 of your “beliefs” as they relate to why you’re doing what you do. I have each and every one of my clients walk through this exercise. From there, we make sure this is woven through each component of their personal brand. It’s incredible what one discovers about themselves when they thought they already had things figured out.

Once you have something to say, say it. Then keep on preachin’ it. And when you have this something to say, sometimes the best thing to do is let the words speak for themselves. Don’t distract them with imagery or graphics (yes we know this is counterintuitive to our earlier post). For example, instead of using that fancy and appealing MailChimp template, opt for a basic text format which allows you to add that personal, more serious touch through a traditional letter format. No distractions, no fancy headers. Just a plain ole letter. Take it one step further by communicating via snail mail.

If you won’t have something to say, someone else surely will and all those potential clients will march on over to that influencer. Find your voice and you’ll be ten steps closer to regaining control of your business.



Have Something to Say - Mark'd 21 Day Challenge