It’s easier to spot a fake these days

It’s becoming easier to spot a fake these days. Between counterfeit bill pens, how-to articles on proving the authenticity of Louis Vuitton handbags, and laser inscriptions on diamonds, we’ve got a world of resources available to us for fake spotting practically anything. But when it comes to people, we’ve got one of the most advanced […]

Boost your profits in your business doing this …

Hello Mark’d Entrepreneurs! We have something special we’re involved in and can’t wait to share these valuable resources with you. Whether you are a veteran woman entrepreneur or you are just starting out, it can be very frustrating trying to put together all the pieces in running a successful business. Sometimes you might feel like giving up when […]

What to gift your favorite entrepreneur? We’ve got you covered.

My typical holiday wish list: office supplies, Apple products, moleskin notepads, and Starbucks gift cards. While these things make me incredibly happy, there’s gotta be more exciting things out there. Looking for gifts for entrepreneurs? Here’s what’s new on my list: 1. Triple C Designs iCharge ALL A portable battery pack for ipods, iphones, an […]

Five ways to overcome self-sabotaging tendencies

I still remember my very first client phone inquiry. More so, the terrifying feeling I had in the pit of my stomach when the phone first rang.  I screened the call (of course) and after listening to the voicemail, I compiled an exhaustive call-back script to prepare me for my first sales pitch. I think […]

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