Personal Branding Services

Personal Branding Services

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21 Day Challenge for Personal Branding21 Day  Business Challenge

Do you own your business or does it own you? Regain control by joining the 21 Day Business Challenge which will help you monetize your personal brand, regain ownership of your time and money, and help you attract only ideal clients. The challenge begins on September. 4th, 2012. Active participants will be featured on our site. Sign up today!

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Personal Brand Feedback Report & Feedback Session from Mark'd Personal Branding StudioPersonal Brand Report & Feedback Session

Are you having a hard time pinpointing your personal brand key traits or knowing how to capitalize on your strengths to build stronger relationships, attract more clients, or boost your bottom line?  I suggest starting with our Personal Brand Report & Feedback Session.  This is the quickest and most accurate way to truly gauge your key traits and outward perception.

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Service Offering & Reach Review by Mark'd Personal Branding StudioService Offering & Reach Review

Is your service offering working for or against you? Is your service structure streamlined, direct, and compelling? The way you outline your service offering should be time efficient on your end and value-added for your client.  In addition, are you maximizing all channels to reach your audience?  Utilize our service offering and reach review to ensure your services are appealing and to build an audience of ideal clients.

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Personalized Personal Brand Consulting with Shauna MackenziePersonalized Consulting with Shauna

Are you spinning your wheels trying to build an audience and generate more revenue? Work one-on-one with Shauna on your Personal Brand Overhaul, a three month program designed to renew your business, streamline your time, and attract more clients. This is an intensive consulting package with weekly recorded Skype calls, personalized self-promotion tactics and strategies to scale your business.

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